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 +If want to use a fix ip on Raspbian following can be added to /​etc/​dhcpcd.conf.\\
 +With this, the static ip will only be set if no address is provided by dhcp.
 +profile static_eth0
 +static ip_address=​24
 +static routers=
 +static domain_name_servers=
 +# fallback to static profile on eth0
 +interface eth0
 +fallback static_eth0
 +=== What is done: ===
 +  * static ip will be set to **** //​(ip_address)//​
 +  * route will be added to **** //​(routers)//​
 +  * name server is set to **** //​(domain_name_server)//​
 +  * configuring interface **eth0**
 +  * only use if no dhcp is available **fallback**
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